Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to this crazy, crazy world Walker David Shepherd!

So much has happened in the Shepherd family and I can't believe it's taken me so long to update our blog.  Well, actually I can.  Having a newborn has been extremely challenging and time consuming.  And because of that, I might have a good 20 minutes to do this blog update :)

Walker graced us with his presence on January 14th, 2012 weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs, 3 oz.  Even the OB was shocked at how huge he was!  I went into the hospital at 1 am on 1/14 with contractions.  However, they sent me home bc I wasn't progressing as much as they'd like.  Well, the rest of that night was miserable and therefore, at about 10am, we returned to the hospital and much to our surprise, I had progressed.
I pushed for an hour but Walker wasn't budging.  So they wheeled me in for a C-section.  (Not a pleasant experience but I don't want to relive it :) )

Walker David Shepherd arrived into the world at 4:49pm.
Here is the first picture taken of him:

I could go crazy with posting pictures of him.  He's just too cute to turn the camera off.  But I'll spare you and only put up some of my favorites.

I would go into more details but the boy is waking up from his nap and lunch time calls :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

8 more weeks to go.

I am amazed at how quickly time has flown by.  However, as soon as I say that, time will slow down.  Especially now that I'm getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the minute.

But, today, Baby un-named Shepherd is 32 weeks old, is the size of a jicama, weighs about 3.75 pounds and is about 16.75 inches long.  However, I think I'm safe to say that he probably weighs more than 3.75 pounds bc he weighed 3.5 at 29 weeks :)  He, along with myself, are going to be huge :)

We've had a pretty eventful past 2 weeks.  2 weekends ago, Rebecca, Angela and Mrs. Ann threw us a GREAT baby shower!  They did SUCH a wonderful job and are so darn creative!  We had a great turnout and we are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Here are some pictures from the cute whale-themed event:

We have 2 more showers on the schedule - one thrown by my co-workers and one thrown by the wonderful ladies in our Sunday School class.  I'd say that Baby S. will not need anything after those showers for quite a while :)

Last week, David worked in Washington, D.C.  We found out mid-week that he was going to be held over until the next week.  I immediately started to look for a flight to D.C. for a short trip to visit him.  He has only been home 6 days this entire month so I of course wanted to see him.  And no one has to pull my leg to take a vacation anywhere :)

So on Thursday, I booked a flight that left out of Nashville the very next day.  We had a nice, whirlwind of a weekend.  It gave me an opportunity to play with my new Canon Rebel camera too.  I have yet to get the pictures onto my computer but as soon as I do (and if they are post-worthy), I will put them up on the blog. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet the Little Man

Today we had the big 4D ultrasound.
I've always thought they kind of looked freaky but apparently, it's everyone else's baby that looks freaky in 4D.  Because my child does not look weird at all.  And I'm totally not biased or anything :)
He's the sweetest little thing.  I can already tell he has David's nose.  And for one brief second during the ultrasound, I thought he looked like me. 

See for yourself...

(Side Note:  Also, as of today, he is 29 weeks, 1 day old.  However, he is measuring at 29 weeks, 6 days.  I wouldn't argue too much if he decided to make his debut on January 12th by any means :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011's NOT a girl?

We were convinced we were having a girl.  So convinced that we had already decided on (and actually agreed upon) a first and middle name for her.  And my parents were so convinced that they had found a little Mississippi State onesie that looked like it was for a little boy and my mom was talking to someone about how to make a tutu for it.

So when the ultrasound tech informed us that Baby Shepherd was a BOY, we were a little taken back.  Definitely not in a bad way at all.  But my initial thought was, "What in the heck do I do with a boy???"  The more time I had to process it, "What in the heck do I do with a boy???" turned more into, "What in the heck do I do with a BABY???"  I realized it's not exactly the "parts" that matter as much as having another human being in our house.  One that we are 100% responsible for.  Pretty scary.  But pretty exciting at the same time.

We had a gender reveal party to announce whether our friends and family needed to start buying pink or blue.  Below are some great pictures from that night.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Hayden and Laura Simons for allowing us to host it at their house.  And another thank you goes out to the 25 friends and family members that joined us to celebrate our new little baby boy.

Don't be too excited for us Steph.

So it's back to the drawing board.  Baby Boy Shepherd still has no name.  We've narrowed it down from our original list of 75 to about 20.  That's progress, right?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last week we had a tater...

Now we have a 'mater!

19 weeks:
Baby is the size of an heirloom tomato and weighs 8 1/2 ounces. (length: 6 inches, head to bottom)

Friday, August 19, 2011

As if this is really "news"...

Anyone who reads our blog is likely our friend and probably knows this already but...


We are very excited to say the least!
We found out in early June and seriously, from the very first day the Dr. confirmed it, I felt terrible.  It was the nausea that kicked my butt.  Most of the time, I would actually WISH to throw up bc then I felt like I'd feel better.  And what's really unfortunate is that our Aruba trip fell at a time when I was feeling my worst.  And flying on a plane when you're nauseated...not a great idea.

Everyone assured me that I would feel much better after the first trimester.  I didn't believe them and thought I was going to feel bad for the entire 9 months.  But low and behold, Week 13 came along and the sickness magically disappeared.  Now I think back and can't actually remember the extent of how bad I felt.  I guess the Lord erases our memory on purpose so we'll continue to procreate :) 

As of today, baby is 18 weeks, 3 days old.  We had our big ultrasound on Tuesday and everything looked PERFECT.  He/she measured exactly 18 weeks, was 8 ounces (a little chunk compared to what the picture below says), had a normal spine, normal heart beat and all of the organs and brain looked great.  Such a sigh of relief because I'll tell you...I was stressing.

We don't know the gender as of yet because baby was being modest and had his/her knees together during the ultrasound.  But after seeing that everything was normal and growing as he/she should be, gender was just not very important.

I'm not certain how much traveling we will do in the near future so most of our blog updates will probably be baby related.  Just bare with me :)  I have promised a few people that I will not be posting any pictures of my uterus though :)

Playing Catch-up

Yeah, yeah.  So I said I wouldn’t slack on our blog.  And I’ve done just that.  Sorry to disappoint.

But The Shepherds have had an exciting past 8 months.  We have been privileged enough to travel to many great places.  We’ve put many miles on the Honda Accord and increased the balance on our Delta SkyMiles account.  I always complain to David that we’re “broke” but he’s quick to remind me of all the wonderful places our money has allowed us to see.  And when he puts it that way, I don’t miss the money.  So many people we know spend their life savings on mortgages, cars, clothes, etc.  We spend our money on memories and experiences.  And I’m pretty convinced we get a better return on our life savings J

November 2010
David bought me tickets to see Sufjan Stevens in Asheville, NC.  He knows that Sufjan is the former love of my life.  I say “former” because he was the love of my life before I met David.  David had Shenzi.  Then we got Mika.  So right now, he is the #4 love of my life J  Okay, not really.  But I do really enjoy him and the show he puts on. 

So we trekked it to Asheville and as always, the former love of my life did not disappoint.

(bare with me as the pictures were SO blurry from that night.)

We went to our “usual”, Tupelo Honey.  It was a quick trip but a very Happy Birthday present to me.

December 2010
Part of the cruise package we purchased for our honeymoon included a free 7-day trip to Cabo.  We decided to cash in our Cabo trip during the winter when we both were going to need to get away.
Neither of us had visited Cabo and we’d heard some mixed reviews.  But when I say we LOVE Cabo, we REALLY LOVE Cabo.  We fell in love the 2nd we stepped off the plane.  And I don’t know if it’s because we were just so desperate to get out of Memphis that we would’ve loved anywhere we landed?  Or if we truly loved Cabo because it was Cabo?  But we have vowed to go back every other year.  And honestly, if you can find a good deal on a flight, you can spend a week in Cabo for the same price as a week in Destin costs.  And seriously, there’s no comparison.

The scenery was beautiful, the trip was relaxing and our accommodations were amazing.  I highly suggest that you tag along with us when we go back in 2012.

December 2010 (cont.)
The entire Hodge family (including David and Stephen of course) went to Gatlinburg for the New Years holiday.  We rented a cabin and it was an interesting experience from the get-go.  We arrived to find that our cabin had been double-booked…and of course we were the 2nd family to arrive.  So we were screwed.  The rental company found us a temporary place to stay for the first night and then found a large place for us to stay for the duration of the trip.  I think it’s safe to say we have all learned our lesson to stay away from Gatlinburg during the winter (or maybe even indefinitely J ).

March 2011
For David's Christmas present, I gave him a gift certificate to go skydiving.  It's something he's always wanted to check off of his bucket list.  So...we headed to West TN Skydiving in Whiteville, TN.
I will admit that I was a tad nervous.  But David didn't appear to be so I tried not to be. 

About 20 of them piled into a tiny little plane and into the clouds they headed.  I quickly lost sight of them and then all of a sudden, I looked into the sky and saw 10 parachutes above my head.  It was actually quite neat! 

I still have no interest in personally jumping out of a plane but am glad David had the experience.

April 2011
Our friend Jimmy Shires finally decided to tie the knot with his long-time love Jenny.  Jimmy used to live in Memphis but moved to Slidell, LA to be closer to Jenny and her daughter.  So we made the short trip to New Orleans for the weekend...along with 2 of our favorite people, Hayden and Laura Simons.  We also met Steve Farmer at the hotel as well. 

Neither David nor I have ever really loved New Orleans but we were able to see a different, more positive side of the city on this trip so we are glad we went.  And the Simons have been to NOLA many times and were great tour guides.

May 2011
You’re probably wondering why in the heck it took us 5 months to take another big trip?  Well, we were too.  And by the time May came, we REALLY needed to get out of town.  And we could not have asked for a better time than the one we had in Charleston with Chad and Stephanie O’Neal.

The discussion of this trip started in the Spring over lunch, whilst watching a NASCAR race on TV (yeah, embarrassing huh?).  Both Chad and David love NASCAR and were talking about all of us going to see a race.  We decided on the NASCAR race in Darlington, SC because it would allow us to vacation at the beach AND see the race.  We found extremely cheap flights out of Nashville to Charleston.  Chad was able to find inexpensive NASCAR tickets and I found a great house on Kiawah Island.  This trip really came together well and we were excited to go.

But the week ended up being 10 times better than we ever could have imagined.  I’ll be honest…we were nervous about traveling with another couple.  It’s hard enough to travel with your family but another couple??  We were a little uneasy at the beginning.  And I’m sure the O’Neals wouldn’t mind me saying that because I’m fairly certain they were wondering the same thing about The Shepherds ;)  But I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a perfect time.

We stayed on Kiawah Island, about 30 minutes from downtown Charleston.  And when I say that Kiawah is something to see, it’s not an understatement.  Nothing I write will do Kiawah any justice.  Just go see it if you haven’t.  And if you have been there, you know what I mean.

We ate at a restaurant in Charleston (The Peninsula Grill - that there are also no words for.  It was by far the most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten but none of us are talking about the money we spent.  We are still talking about the perfectly-seared scallops, the peach glazed jumbo shrimp and the banana panna-cotta pudding (which I still have dreams about by the way).

We made the trip to Darlington for the NASCAR race, which was a ton of fun.  We visited Savannah, GA for one day.  We ate dinner in Hilton Head on the bay.  We went to the beach at Kiawah (on our bikes).  We explored the entire island of Kiawah.  We spent a few days in downtown Charleston.  I think we were all out of breath by the end of the week.  Yet it was a relaxing trip at the same time.

We appreciate the O’Neals for being such great travel partners and look forward to many years of traveling with them in the future!

June 2011
For Christmas 2009, David’s parents gave us all a trip to Aruba.  They had recently returned from there, fell in love with the island and decided to take all of us there.  But with the wedding, honeymoon and other scheduling conflicts in 2010, we weren’t able to take the trip until this past June. 

We stayed at the Marriott Ocean Club, which had an incredible lazy river and awesome cabanas on the beach.  We rented a 4-door Jeep one day and toured the island.  Aruba is not Cabo (in our eyes J) but the 4 Shepherds and the 2 Batsons had a nice time and it was a much-needed break from the “real world” at home.  And we were very appreciative of the trip from David’s parents.  Best Christmas present we’ve received in a LONG time!